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Company Overview
Super Jet Fuel Services LLC, is one of the subsidiaries of SUPERJET GROUP, incorporated in 1999 based in the United Arab Emirates, it provides a complete range of products, equipment, parts, accessories and services related for oil and gas projects for both commercial and consumer sectors with its highest quality services of the following: 
Firewood Services
Lubricants and Grease Services
Refined Oil Products Services
Fuel Supply Services
Oilfield Chemicals Services
Oilfield and Natural Gas Equipment 
Petrochemicals Services
Tar and Asphalt Services

Super Jet Fuel Services LLC., imbibes a hands-on facility through its notable interests and activities in dedicating resources and means to build a better and sound quality of services in an ethical and fitting way along with an environment-friendly approach and implementation.   With our strong commitment to excellence, we envisage to become the superior through reliable and unswerving products and services with great worth with company’s teamwork and cooperation.
Our Vision
We aim to be the premier specialist in services related for oil and gas projects globally.

Our Mission
We deliver high quality services related for oil and gas projects at globally competitive and effective cost, support by customer service and technical expertise. 

We focus to operate in a sustainable and profitable business focused on a long-term growth.

It is our aim to create a competitive advantage for our shareholders and our customers. This means to ensure with the best product for a specific application with exceptional service.

We continually innovate and learn to improve the efficiency, quality and cost of our products and services. 
Our Team
We employ a team of seasoned professionals that have an in-depth knowledge of the products and services we distribute. Our entire staff is committed to ensure customers’ complete satisfaction.  We will accomplish this by providing exceptional value to customers and suppliers and maintaining a corporate environment that provides employees with opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

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